What We Do

Landscape Design/Installation

Designing a beautiful landscape takes effort and planning. Our crew can express your preferences and personality through the ideal design for your lawn.

Garden Design/Installation

Our experts are trained in horticulture and design, making it that much easier for us to make sure your garden is an extension of your home.

Hardscape Design/Installation

In landscaping, hardscape is the "built" environment or built aspects of the landscape design. We are here to help you design the best hardscape designs for your property.

Landscape Care Options

Color Planting

Nothing adds more beauty to a landscape than seasonal color plantings. Our programs include annual flowers in your beds and containers in the spring.

Lawn Care

Let us worry about your lawn. We offer lawn care programs designed for your specific lawn. Sunlight, moisture retention, soil and grass type are all factors taken into account.

Seasonal Services

Landscapes require different care throughout the year, and we can handle it all. We also provide seasonal services including holiday decorating and Christmas lighting.

We Also Offer

Snow Removal

Our experts are here to make your life easier and maintenance-free throughout the year, which means also taking care of regular snow and ice removal.

Water Feature Design/Installation

One of the most stunning parts of a landscape is often the water features. Our aquatic management plans are designed to keep water features of all types looking clear, beautiful, and clean.

Holiday Lighting

Holiday lights are the best way to keep your home looking beautiful during the winter months. Not only are they festive, but put the spotlight on your beautiful home- quite literally.

About us


Rhonda Gray

CEO in Visionfa Landscape Design Studio

We are a team of planners, architects, landscape architects and interior designers offering a wide range of services to make your project dream come true. Always keeping the priorities and budget of our clients in mind, our design professionals provide guidance for the best results for your investment.

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